What You'll Learn

  • Engage in the fascinating exploration of the nature vs nurture debate in the context of entrepreneurship: Are entrepreneurs born or made?

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of who an entrepreneur is, their role in society, and the qualities that define them.

  • Dive into a predictive study of future lifestyles, focusing on how today's students can best prepare for upcoming challenges and opportunities.

  • Step into the shoes of an entrepreneur, grasping the dynamism, risks, and rewards that characterize their daily lives.

  • Decode the deeper meaning of "entrepreneur", its historical context, and its modern implications in the business world.

  • Discover why failures are not just stumbling blocks but crucial stepping stones leading to the path of success in any entrepreneurial journey.

  • Learn about the primary goals and mission of different types of organizations, and how they contribute to their success.

  • Understand the distinctive characteristics of startup and corporate cultures, appreciating their unique advantages and challenges.

  • Experience a reality-check on employment scenarios across diverse industries, paving the way for more informed career choices.

  • Evaluate the contrasting work environments and job roles in startups versus large corporates, to identify what suits your career aspirations best.

Course Instructors

Founder Ozan Sonmez

Ozan Sonmez is a serial founder, angel investor, and esteemed startup mentor with over a decade of global experience in investing and building startup programs. His affiliations with UC Berkeley, Stanford CPD, and MIT EF Pan Arab highlight his active role in various innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems. Ozan has designed and executed programs for tech startups, and social and environmental impact founders with organizations like 500 Sanabil MENA, Endeavor, and Village Capital. He’s also mentored in Corporate Intrapreneurship & Innovation Programs for Fortune 500 Companies & Global Brands like Ford and Siemens’s Next47. Besides his professional accolades, Ozan is a proud #girldad who cherishes reading and writing.

Thought Leader Amal Dokhan

Amal Dokhan is a seasoned executive and Partner at 500 Startups MENA. Formerly, she held leadership positions at Global Entrepreneurship Network GEN Saudi and Babson Global. With rich experience at KAUST's Entrepreneurship Center, she's a skilled startup consultant, program designer, and Angel Investor, supporting numerous successful ventures. A trusted advisor and board member, she's spoken at international platforms like TEDx and Davos. Amal holds degrees from King Abdulaziz University and the University of Wollongong, and prestigious certifications from MIT Sloan and Berkeley.

Mark Searle

Mark Searle is a versatile entrepreneur and seasoned executive, traversing a rich landscape of sectors including enterprise software, big data, information security, manufacturing, and food-tech. Equipped with a unique proficiency in aligning diverse groups and cultures within an organization, he masterfully balances activities to drive peak performance. In high growth environments, his dynamic leadership and agile problem-solving skills truly shine, making him a beacon of success. Mark's exceptional track record echoes his talent for turning challenge into opportunity and leveraging diverse technology experiences into a unified, formidable business strategy.

Course curriculum

"SAGE - Beginners": A concise online course nurturing young entrepreneurial minds, exploring startup dynamics, embracing failure's power, and preparing for an innovative, leadership-driven future. Step in, shape tomorrow.

  1. Chapter 1 : Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

  2. Chapter 2 : Who is an Entrepreneur?

  3. Chapter 3 : What Should Students Expect From Life In The Future

  4. Chapter 4 : Life of an Entrepreneur

  5. Chapter 5 : What Does This Word "Entrepreneur" Mean?

  6. Chapter 6 : Why are Failures Important on the Road to Success?

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